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Diverse recruitment strategies

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Speed without compromise

Job ready workers who hit the ground running

Leading industry systems to ensure fast, reliable delivery

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Whether you’re seeking experts for project work or professionals to cover busy periods, our specialist consultants will source the best talent. Our pool of contract talent is highly skilled and ready to start work in your business at short notice. In some cases, we can even offer same-day turnarounds. Our consultants manage the entire recruitment process, so that you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

Contractors add value

Contractors add value to your business without incurring substantial risks and addressing headcount costs and issues. They can be hired to cover permanent staffers’ holidays, project based, parental leave, as well as an extra pair of hands during busy periods. Furthermore, they help to maintain day-to-day tasks while you recruit for a permanent role.

Contractors benefit your bottom line

The hourly compensation for hiring contractors might seem higher when compared to a permanent role, but there are other factors to take into consideration, such as flexibility and employee benefits. Since contracting provides greater flexibility in this regard, it can thus be a more cost-effective strategy in the long run.

We can handle payroll

We offer a dedicated payroll service so that your contractors will be paid on time and accurately, while reducing the administrative burden on your business.

Hiring Contractors on the rise due to COVID-19

The business uncertainty generated by COVID-19 has meant that many companies are pausing their perm recruitment processes. Hiring contractors is becoming a more popular solution to manage workload while retaining the flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions. Naturally, the impact of COVID-19 varies greatly between industries and businesses and will continue to develop over time.


We’re passionate about the impact great employees have on business performance. Our fresh approach to recruitment helps our clients secure the right people for their organisations – people who will stay and perform.  


Across Australia we use our extensive database of specialised talent pools, networks and multiple sourcing channels to find, engage and nurture outstanding talent, so we can make the best permanent placements for you - fast.


Leap is your business recruitment partner

We are a recruitment business partner, offering comprehensive and specifically designed talent sourcing and recruitment project management solutions to meet your unique recruitment needs.


The Leap Project Recruitment team was created to meet the growing demands of our clients, leveraging the internal capabilities of our elite recruitment specialists in offering customised solutions for your organisations high-volume hiring and specific project recruitment needs.

Together, we can build a successful, effective, scalable flexible team at high volume.

​We seek first to understand

We wok smart to meaningfully and accurately establish your specific needs and a deep understanding of the job profiles you need to meet your expectations. At the end of the brief, we will design and recommend customised solutions to manage your resources efficiently within your budget. By choosing Leap, you will benefit from the value-added expertise of our entire group, and enjoy a truly unparalleled experience.

Dedicated Project Manager at your service 

A Senior Project Manager will be your dedicated point of contact for the duration of the project. They will work to have a deep understanding of your core business needs, your organisation and your culture. As recruitment experts, we will optimise your recruitment and mobility processes, and recommend the top talent to help drive your current and future strategy.

Our recruitment experience and talented and proven recruitment professionals are key to our targeted and tailored consulting services. Whether you are a very small business, a small and medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, we provide one-off and long-term support for a range of talent acquisition needs by designated experts to your company tasked with fulfilling your sourcing requirements.


Leap is Australia’s Small and Medium Enterprise recruitment specialist. We understand the unique needs of your business and tailor our service offering to suit. With our quick and cost-effective solution to hiring, you can direct your energy where it matters – growing your business. We will take care of the rest.

How we can help

  • Find a quick, cost-effective solution to hiring

  • develop the ideal recruitment process for your SME

  • Access top-tier talent that isn’t active in the market

  • professionalise your job interview process

  • Implement retention strategies

  • Craft offers top candidates cant refuse

  • Supercharge your business growth

Benefits of working with Leap

  • Partnership approach

  • Customised offering: Services completely tailored to the needs of your small or medium business

  • Transparent pricing with flexible payment options

  • Save money and time: Save up to 60% of your costs and 35 hours of work per hire on average

  • Win the war for talent: Secure the best performers in your industry with our expertise


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Leap's dedicated Executive Search consultants provide search, selection and talent management for organisations needing to recruit senior roles, typically functional heads and board level executives, on a permanent or interim basis. We are recognised for our powerful in-house research function, the speed and flexibility of our response, and our high success rates in sourcing suitably qualified candidates at senior management, executive and leadership levels.

Leap utilises a range of sourcing strategies and techniques designed to attract the maximum number of suitable candidates from the local, regional and national markets. This includes multi-media targeted advertising, involvement in community initiatives, targeted search and a team of recruitment professionals who engage in attraction strategies and database mining to identify, screen and engage talent.