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The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has motivated companies around the world to embrace remote recruitment earlier than expected. Since this is our new reality, how do we make the best of the situation? Learn how your organisation can tap into cutting-edge technologies, comprehensive market data and years of recruitment expertise to source, assess and embed top talent into your team — even with social distancing measures in place.


Our training partner, SWITCHAROO will help you go from Bust to BOOM!

It’s tough out there at the moment. 

Many people are having to switch industries where they have little or no experience. Naturally, there is fear about getting lost in the sea of applicants and concerns about not standing out. 

That's why we have partnered with the innovative job readiness company, SWITCHAROO.  Switcharoo will provide you with a Job Starter Pack to give you the leg-up you need to land the job in a new industry. Switcharoo's Job Starter Packs couple real world job readiness skills with job application skills – ensuring there is no obstacle in your way.

Leap will then help you leverage your new Switcharoo skills and put you in front of employers now. Together, Switcharoo and Leap will get you working.

Together, Switcharoo and Leap will get you working.

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